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In the I.T world professional translation is a matter of precision, your teams and your users demand translations that are easily understood and reflect exactly the state of affairs with your I.T. At Translation First, we have many highly specialised I.T. translators waiting to ensure you get the depth and accuracy of translation that you require.

Peter Chu and Paul Cheung are our I.T. translators for all your Chinese Cantonese to English and English to Chinese Cantonese, between them they have over 43 years experience of translating technical documentation for the I.T industry.

For Mandarin Chinese to English and English to Mandarin Chinese translations our team consists of Stella Ho and Patrick Kwan with a combined 28 year track record in providing the best I.T. translations for the biggest I.T. companies.

Nobu Vitek and Kyoko Pike are our Japanese to English and English to Japanese translation specialists they've been doing this for nearly 23 years between them, and always provide the best in I.T. document translation.

Ines Courcy is our French to English and English to French I.T. translation professional, she's been doing this for nearly 11 years for some of the biggest I.T. brands in the world.

Otmar Wagner specialises in I.T. translation for German to English and English to German, he's been providing top quality I.T. translator work for 9 years now.

If you need Danish to English or English to Danish for your I.T. documentation translations, you need Frank Mattuck with 16 years served in translating for the I.T industry your translation is in safe hands.

Katia Davide brings you professional translations, every time from Italian to English and English to Italian. With 13 years experience translating for big names in the I.T. world, you can expect the best.

And for Korean to English and English to Korean I.T. document translation you can rely on Jihye Kim's 13 years experience of delivering high quality translations for the I.T industry.

Don't see the language combination you're looking for, for your I.T. translation? Don't worry, use our quote page and we'll find the right professional for your job.