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The specialist nature of translating for the electronics industry means you need a team of translation professionals who know their capacitors from their resistors. Translation First has assembled a world class team of translators with many years experience of translating for the biggest names in the electronics field. Our electronics translation work is the best, most accurate available.

Goran Mihova has 25 years experience in translating electronic documentation from English to Swedish and Swedish to English, working with the biggest names in the industry.

Mette Johanson has been delivering the best professional electronic industry translations for 19 years from English to Danish for many of the best brands in the business.

From Chinese Cantonese to English or English to Chinese Cantonese, you can rely on David Lee who has been working with the electronics industry for nearly 15 years now.

For English to Norwegian electronics translations we work with Terje Kamberg who has spent 13 years delivering high quality professional translations for multi-national electronics companies.

Diana Monetta is our English to Italian translator she's been working in the field of electronics translations for over 21 years, and has worked alongside many industry greats.

Yumiko Tayata and Kyoko Fujii, form the base of our Japanese to English and English to Japanese team for electronics translation. They have nearly 30 years of experience of delivering high quality professional translations for the industry.

And for English into French translations for the electronics industry, you need look no further than our team member, Johnson Reach who has a ten year track record of translating documentation for the electronics sector.

Offering 22 years, of Danish to English and English to Danish, professional translation experience in the electronics sector, Randi Johanssen will make sure your electronics documentation is fit for purpose.

Robin Murray, has spent 20 years as a professional translator for the electronics industry, translating English into Swedish, and Swedish into English.

Our team of Sam Haas and Jozef Bariak offer 40 years expertise in translating electronics documentation for some of the biggest names in electronics, from Korean into English and English into Korean.

Don't see the language combination you're looking for, for your electronics translation? Don't worry, use our quote page and we'll find the right professional for your job.