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Banking translations need to be very accurate indeed, with potentially millions of dollars riding on the outcome of the right translation it's important that you work with translation professionals who can guarantee that level of accuracy every time. All our banking translators have long experience of working with banks at the highest level internationally, producing perfect translations time and time again.

Vanessa Zheng is our Chinese Mandarin to English and English to Chinese Mandarin banking translation specialist and with 18 years of working with the biggest names in banking behind her, you know your banking translation will be handled by the best.

Tess Jansson has 12 years experience in delivering the best translations for the biggest banks, she specialises in Swedish to English and English to Swedish banking translation.

For banking translation from English to Italian we have Giuseppe Mennela to call on and their 22 years experience in translating for banks across the world.

We also offer Japanese to English and English to Japanese, banking translations and our expert is Noriko Nakamura with 13 years experience in banking translation.

Sergei Kastler is our German to English and English to German banking translator his experience of 19 years working with some of the largest banks in the world, gives you the guarantee of accuracy you need in your banking translation work.

Claire Ilunga is the specialist banking translator that works on all our English to French banking translations, she has 16 years experience of delivering high level banking translations.

For Danish to English and English to Danish translations for your banking needs, we can call on the 18 year track record of Mia Kristensen.

And the unbeatable team of Jacky Ng and Sophia Cheung bring a combined 34 years in translating from Chinese Cantonese to English and vice-versa, for banking institutions around the world.

Lisa Lundberg has spent the last 25 years working for banks, translating from English to Swedish and Swedish to English giving you certainty for your banking translation needs.

Jozef Bariak is our Korean language translator for banking and finance, he's been translating from Korean to English and English to Korean for banking institutions for 25 years now too.

Kyoko Fujii has worked as a banking translator for 13 years, delivering world class translation from Japanese to English and English to Japanese.

Don't see the language combination you're looking for, for your banking translation? Don't worry, use our quote page and we'll find the right professional for your job.