Translation First, not just translated but perfected.

No matter what kind of document you need translating, Translation First's professional translators can translate it into the language you need and return it in a format ready to be published. We offer many levels of translation service, medical translation, legal translation and more. Tell us what you need translated, and use our quote page to tell us which language you want your document translated from and which language you want it translated to and we'll do everything else.

Our translation services are the best; professional translation that has a fast turnaround, the most accurate translations possible, and it's both affordable and reliable too.

With over 10 years in the business of translation both in the Chinese market and the global marketplace, we have the expertise to provide perfect professional translations that accurately reflect the tone of your original too. You need the certainty of working from translated material that bears scrutiny, particularly if your translations may have legal or medical implications.

Our translation client list is impressive; we have handled the translation needs of literally hundreds of organisations and individuals. We provide professional translations for big names too like IBM, Coca-Cola, Gucci, Lucent Technologies, Proctor & Gamble, Sony and Sotheby's - would they trust their translations to anyone but the best translators?

All our clients expect translations that not only accurately reflect the content of their original material, but also they demand that those translations coincide with their brand identities. Translations from Translation First always ensure that the translated message is clearly communicated in a consistent voice for the brand and for the culture that is identifying with the brand.

Translation First has a highly qualified pool of translation professionals; our translators include university professors, qualified lawyers for legal translation, and medical professionals for medical translations. You can be sure that we have the translator for you whatever your translation needs.

At Translation First we provide translations on your timescales, from rush jobs to long-term regular communication, we can ensure that your translations are ready for your audience whenever they are needed.

So remember Translation First, for all your professional translation needs - legal translation, medical translation, copy translation and from almost any language to any other language. We're the translation professionals.