Professional translation from Translation First; we offer translation for many different purposes and offer industry and requirement specific translation too.
  • Legal Translation
  • Medical Translation
  • Financial Translation for Banking
  • Financial Translation for the Insurance Industry
  • Commercial Translation for the Electronics Industry
  • Commercial Translation for the IT Industry
  • General Commercial Translation
  • Translation for Manufacturing
Contact Translation First, via our quote page to determine how our translators can help meet your translation needs today.

We offer translations from English to Chinese or from Chinese to English as our speciality but we also offer translations to and from almost any major world language particularly translations of Asia Pacific and European languages.

Why choose Translation First's Service?

Flexible and Fast Delivery

Our translation team can meet your translation needs in the most professional manner and the timeliest manner too. We can take your translation requests by post, fax, e-mail or any other delivery method and return them to you in any manner you choose.

Our superb translation quality team will review and ensure the highest standards of translation in each and every piece of work and our project management team will make sure that each of your translations is where it needs to be, when you want it to be.

Corporate Membership

Some translations requirements are a one-off event, but many companies today find that translation is a regular part of their business. Why not let a specialist like Translation First deal with all the hassle of finding the translator you need, whenever you need it?

Translation First's corporate membership scheme offers many benefits to the corporate with regular translation requirements;
  • Detailed invoices with full break-downs of all your translation work in that billing period
  • Full project tracking facilities so you can ensure your translations are matching your deadlines
  • A personal customer service representative to help you with all your translation enquiries
  • A fully customer approved translation team to match your industry and requirements
  • And a corporate glossary of terms to ensure that our translations match your brand needs
Contact us today from our quote page to discuss your corporate requirements.

Online Service
Don't want the hassle of spending hours on the phone and negotiating to get the best prices for your translation needs? No problem, we offer a fully Internet based translation service. You can contact us on our quote page and send us the details of your translation need, then when you're happy key in your credit card details and wait for your translation to arrive.


We offer the assurance of a fully secure translation service over the Internet. You need to know that your commercial translations never fall into the wrong hands. Our translation service is backed by Verisign ( the Internet's leading provider of digital signature security. All the details you enter into our site regarding your translation needs are encrypted before they are transmitted. Your translation is always secure with Translation First.