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Translation First and its team of high quality translation professionals has performed translation for many industries, and for many client companies who demand the best translations, at the right price and in the right timescales. Here are some examples of the industries and clients who use Translation First for their demanding translation tasks.
Legal Translation

Legal Translation

Our legal translation team has worked with many clients over the last few years; here are a few examples of the client type that Translation First attracts to its experienced legal translation service.
Aptus Law Corporation, Asia Legal LLC, Colin Ng & Partners, DLA, Harry Elias Partnership, Huen & Partners, Johnson Stokes & Master, KhattarWong, Michael Wilson & Partners, Mayer Brown LLP
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Medical Translation

Our medical translation team has delivered high quality medical translations for many clients; again here are a few examples of companies that we have worked with recently.
BUPA, CMS Life Technology, Fu Lin Tang, Hygeia Medical, Lee's Pharmaceutical, Pfizer Corporation, Roche, St. Jude Medical, Wah Sheng Medical, Wai Yuan Tong Medicine
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Banking & Financial Translation

The biggest names in banking and finance trust us with their translations; here are some of Translation First's clients in the financial sector.
AEON, China Financial Industry Investment Fund, Deutsche Bank AG, FinancialAsia, GE Money, iFAST Financial, ING, JP Morgan, MasterCard, The Royal Bank of Scotland, UBI Banca
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Insurance Translation

Insurers are the most cautious of professionals, the fact that many of the industry's top names choose to work with Translation First and their insurance translation professionals is a great testament to our translation quality, among others we have worked with:
ACE Insurance, Aviva Life Insurance, BUPA Health Insurance, CunninghamLindsey, ING, Mass Mutual, New York Life Insurance, PingAn Insurance, PMI Mortgage Insurance, Sun Alliance & London Insurance, The Prudential Assurance
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Electronics Translation

The electronics industry demands translations from professional translators who understand their industry and the terms it uses, it says a lot for Translation First that so many top electronics companies trust us to do their translation work, here are some of the companies we have worked with.
Bergner, CEI, Five Stars, Foster Electric, Gamze, Hideki Electronics, Intercoop, Intertek, Johnson Electric, Legrand, OSIM, Point to Point, Qualitec.
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Media Translation

The media is communication in its purest form, when you translate for media companies there can be no mistakes. The public and private sector rely on media companies for their data, and the media companies rely on Translation First to ensure that data is accessible for any audience. We have worked with many media companies including:
Abacus, AsianInvestor, Delon Ad, Design Unlimited, Emphasis Media, Haymarket Media, MediTech Media, Moni Media, Red Phoenix Group, Sunwah Media, Total Media, TVB and Welmex.
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Commercial Translation

Commercial translation is another area where professional translation accuracy is key, Translation First ensures that its team of translators is always on hand to make sure that your commercial message is delivered in the right way, on time, every time. Here are some examples of commercial organisations we work with:
AirPlus, Cathay Pacific, Channel, Escada, FedEx, Financial Times, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Impact, O. R. Time, Research, Rolex and Shell.
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I.T. Translation

The I.T. industry runs on many multi-national projects, data must be translated perfectly to ensure no misunderstandings which may cost millions of dollars to fix. Some of the biggest names in the I.T. sector choose Translation First for their translations, to make sure their clients and teams get what they need when they need it. Some of the IT companies we work with include:
CPCNet, Creative, IBM, LG, Microsoft, Motorola, NEC, NHT, Samsung, Seapoint, Sony and Vodatel Networks.
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Hotel Translation

In the ever increasing competitive hotel market, it is vital that hotels can give their guests the information they require in the language they require. Translation First works with many of the leading hotels to ensure that their guests are never disappointed in their translations. Some of the hotels we work with are:
Four Seasons Hotel, Goodwood Park Hotel, Grand Emperor Hotel, Hong Kong Gold Coast Hotel, Langham Hotels, Raffles Hotel, Regal Hotels International, Ritz Carlton Hotel, The Kowloon Hotel, The Peninsula Hotel, The Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers and Windsor Hotel.
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