1. How do I register for a Corporate member of Translation First ? [Answer]
On Translation First, click on the "Become our Member Now" link in the top, middle of the page or click "Register now" link in the bottom,right-hand corner of the page. A form will appear. Complete this form and submit it. Once you have submitted, one of our customer services representatives will be in contract with you as soon as possible
2. How do I get an instant quote? [Answer]
On Translation First, you can do any of the following : click on the "Get a Quick Quote Now" link in the top, middle of the page or click on the "Online Translation" bar shown on the same page. You will be brought to the Quote Page, where you will be required to enter source language, target language/s, category and word count. Press the "Compute" button for a instant quote.
3. Can your website be viewed in other language than English? [Answer]
Yes. On Translation First, click "Language" link in the bottom, left-hand corner of the page, all languages will list out and you can choose the one in which you would like view our site.